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Toms River: A Story Of Science And Salvation (2013)

by Dan Fagin(Favorite Author)
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055380653X (ISBN13: 9780553806533)
review 1: If you're from Jersey this is a MUST read. If you're not and you want to know why people referto the state as the "armpit of America"....this book will explain it! Growing up in NJ I remember vague snippets of these events in the news but did not realize the full magnitude until reading this. I was dumbfounded as I read about the blatant and continued disregard for both the environment and the townspeople. Fagin does a wonderful job recreating and linking together all of the key players and events that have now left an environmental hazard in a beautiful town.
review 2: Fagin is a fabulously thorough writer. Many of my coworkers bought houses in Toms River because they could get more for less than they could get closer to work. I lived through all this che
... moremical waste dumping and never gave it two minutes thought. I have now learned about how artificial color was first discovered and developed and what large corporations will do with no conscience to secure their bottom lines. I learned about chemistry, statistics, test design, and so much more. I will avoid food dyes like the plague from now on. I'm very glad I read this long technical book to the end. less
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