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Jungle Fire (2013)

by Dana Mentink(Favorite Author)
4.62 of 5 Votes: 4
0802405940 (ISBN13: 9780802405944)
River North
review 1: Nina Truman, missionary nurse, encounters so much more than she expects. Then she learns a truth that almost cost her life.Shaw Wilder is bent on revenge for his sister's death. Instead he finds God's love and a mission field.Shaw trusts Otto who turns out to be a wolf in sheep clothing. And the man he didn't trust shows him how much he loved his sister, Beth.Twists and turns keep you reading on and on. Lives changed by the power of God during dangerous paths.And then there is Axtel, the dog. He never gives up.Sometimes you wonder who you can trust.You will finish this book with a fire inside to do the will of God.
review 2: Nina just wants to get away and get some answers from her father. Nina has given her life to the missionary life, following in her fa
... morether’s footsteps and putting aside her own thoughts. She’s sure that this is where God wants her to be. Shaw just wants to blend into the foliage in Guatemala and run from his sister’s death and his mother’s illness. Where is their God that his sister, Beth and his mother believed in for so long? He feels that he’s better off alone then ever giving into that religion. After Nina’s bus is shot at and ran off the road, though, Shaw and Nina start down a path that neither one could have ever seen coming. Is it the police after them, the ruthless drug leader or is some other sinister plot out to bring them down? This story takes you into the deep reaches of the jungle, where not only is there a daily fear of the animals hiding in the branches, but of the dangerous men there as well. What secrets are Nina’s father hiding? Can Shaw ever look past his current situation and find the loving God? Will they make it out of the jungle alive? Find out for yourself when you BUY THE BOOK!I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received this book. I hadn’t read anything by her, but the title and description definitely looked like a book that I would enjoy. Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. I loved the character of Shaw, I always enjoy seeing characters that are sure that there way is always the best way. This gives me a chance to recommend it to men that I know that remind me of the character so that they can see, in the end, how much giving themselves over to Him makes their life so much more fulfilling.Is this a "guy's book"? You bet! There are guns, chases, more guns, corrupt officials, drug lords, more guns and airplanes. Let’s just saw there’s more than enough suspense and manliness in the book to keep any man’s attention. less
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A lively action story with a heartfelt message. A truly rare combination in this genre. Lots of fun!
Fast paced story. Good twists and turns, with a bit of schmaltz thrown in.
Really enjoyed this book from beginning to end!
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