Books I Didn’t Get to In 2017!

Hey guys! I messed up and posted next weeks Top 5 Wednesday post this week so to make up for it I am doing this weeks topic today, if that makes sense? I was supposed to talk about books I didn’t get to in 2017 but ended up talking about forgettable books instead! Oops! Sorry for the mix up and please enjoy this post!

So these are books I was really excited for in 2017 and really wanted to read but just didn’t find the time. I am definitely prioritising them this year because I went out and bought them so I need to read them!

1) He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly

I was freaking out when this book was published because it looks absolutely amazing. Like the cover instantly caught my attention and the synopsis sounds so chilling! Everything inside of me was screaming at me to read this book and I was like okokok I NEED THIS! But I never actually read it! I bought it, shelved it and then forgot to pick it up. Very annoyed and disappointed with myself. Hoping to pick it up in February!




2) Assassin’s Creed: The Secret Crusade by Oliver Bowden

After playing the first Assassin’s Creed game I was itching to read this book but I wanted to read them in order, so I read Renaissance and Brotherhood but unfortunately didn’t manage to read this one. I’m dying to read this because I love Altair and want to see how similar the book is to the game/his character! Want to pick it up soon!




3) Shadowblack by Sebastien De Castell

I have mentioned this book so many freaking times on my blog because I was absolutely buzzing about it! I pre-ordered it, picked it up and it has been sitting on my shelf ever since. I loved the first book and gave it five stars. I was so eager for the second book to come out but I just never actually got round to reading it! I have this obsession with buying books as soon as they come out like they are limited copies when in reality there are thousands of copies. When I am caught up on ARCs, etc I will definitely be picking this up!



4) Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

After reading The Girl on the Train, I rushed out to buy this and actually ended up buying two copies when I found a signed one in Waterstones! I started it but then it got put to the side when I got swamped with review requests. I feel really bad about this but then I read terrible reviews for it and didn’t feel so terrible afterwards. Nonetheless, it was still a book I was extremely excited about and one I will get to this year!




5) Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

This book is so beautiful! That cover! This is a book I would fight people over to get my hands on a copy. You just gotta have books like this sitting proudly on your shelf for people to see. I pre-ordered this and then ran to Waterstones to pick it up as soon as release day hit. I took this book on a freaking road-trip round California and it just sat in my suitcase looking pretty. Never did get round to it and then when I got back off holiday I started my new job so it got put back on my shelf! Definitely need to pick it up before the third book comes out. I cannot fall behind!!!!!



I could honestly add another five books on this list but since this was supposed to be a Top 5 Wednesday post, I will limit myself to five choices. What are some books you wanted to get to in 2017 but didn’t manage to? If you took part in this weeks Top 5 Wednesday, please feel free to leave a link below! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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