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My Boyfriends' Dogs (2010)

by Dandi Daley Mackall(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 5
0525422188 (ISBN13: 9780525422181)
Dutton Juvenile
review 1: Being the teenage girl I am, I'm always down for a chick lit, and this novel was definitely an enjoyable one. The book's plot and content were great, making it a fast read. I caught myself taken aback several times when each of the three boyfriends would do something out of the ordinary (especially Went). During the course of the novel, you can see how Bailey adapts as a girlfriend -- each boyfriend she was committed to took a tole on her differently. In the end, she realized what she deserved as a girlfriend and it certainly weren't her ex-boyfriends.
review 2: The main reason I read this book is because of Goofy. The book is well written and has an interesting story line, but the fact that the main character obsesses over finding the perfect boyfriend is sli
... moreghtly annoying. She has finding a perfect boyfriend higher on her list of priorities than college. Other than that, this is a sweet, adventurous story about how one girl ended up owning three unique dogs. less
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Good book but I wouldn't read it again.
A fun, light and feel good story.
Hilarious! One of new favorites.
Had a really nice ending!
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