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Defending Hope: A Calvary Story Of An Afghan Family Based On Real Life (2014)

by Danny Odato(Favorite Author)
4.73 of 5 Votes: 2
1478732970 (ISBN13: 9781478732976)
Outskirts Press
review 1: Defending Hope is a story about life of sibling and how they overcome the obstacles in their life. Its a story about courage, willfulness and the determination to do something in life. As we are of knowledge, that life is quite hard but it provides us with opportunities for us to avail. In this story, the author has described such instances into the life of the protagonist as he fights for survival while learning essential things in the process. It is a book worth reading as I learnt a lot from this.Good job done by the author!
review 2: This book has been offered as a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. Defending Hope has been a great experience for me as after Khaled Hosseini's, and the mountains echoed, I was quite attracted towards the
... more Afghani culture. The story opens with a huge explosion, filled with a rather confused Karman, but what kept me captivated with the story was how near to the truth the lives of Karman, Elaha and Malek are. Each one of the characters has something to teach us and that was one of the true points of writing this book. less
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An impressive read. Looking forward to read more
An impressive read. Looking forward to read more
Defending Hope was a great read.
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