Gubbins/Soloway – I Love Dick / Solnit – Men Explain Things To Me

I Love Dick – Sarah Gubbins and Jill Soloway 2017

Adapted from the lauded feminist novel, I LOVE DICK is set in a colorful academic community in Marfa, Texas. It tells the story of a struggling married couple, Chris and Sylvere, and their obsession with a charismatic professor named Dick. Told in Rashomon-style shifts of POV, I LOVE DICK charts the unraveling of a marriage, the awakening of an artist and the deification of a reluctant messiah. Starring: Kathryn Hahn, Griffin Dunne, Kevin Bacon


Men Explain Things to Me – Rebecca Solnit

Before there was mansplaining, there was Rebecca Solnit’s 2008 critique of male arrogance.

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