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A Kept Woman (2011)

by Daryl Devore(Favorite Author)
3.28 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: I quite liked this book. It has similar elements that I have come across in other stories but there were some unique parts that I enjoyed reading too.I would have rated this book 5 stars however I found reading some parts disappointing. I didn’t like any of the Randolph scenes. At all. And I personally don’t think there was a need for an epilogue as the story seemed to conclude for me after he proposed, met her parents and got approvals from both their parents. In my opinion there was no need for more cheesiness.I give this book 4 stars, and intend to read more of Daryl Devore’s books.
review 2: This book was not what I expected (a story where a woman finds herself in a situation she can't escape), which is not a bad thing. The first half had a lovely -
... moreif somewhat cliched - fairy tale feel to it. Everyday woman meets and falls in love with unattainable, grossly rich, ridiculously handsome man. I felt sure I knew how it would play out. Then things shifted in the middle and became - for lack of a better word - odd. I really don't know if this was good odd, or just odd. I continually felt that I just wasn't getting the point (and perhaps I wasn't!). Then the end was rather cheesy, although satisfying.It is a good read, pretty good writing (although the dialog often felt stilted), and an interesting story. As I got it for free it is amazingly good - but I don't want to rate it against other freebies. Not a terribly informative review, I realize, but, without spoiling the story, I'll leave it as is. less
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This was a freebie. It started off okay but then somewhere along the way, it just became weird.
HOT & Sexy! Great book!
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