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How To Be A Bad Christian … And A Better Human Being (2012)

by Dave Tomlinson(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 2
1444703838 (ISBN13: 9781444703832)
Hodder & Stoughton
review 1: I'm writing a longer review for my blog but in short; though Tomlinson's definition of "Christian" is refreshingly broad and inclusive(boiling down to trying to be more selfless and thoughtful, whatever your faith might be), the notion that he is particularly radical in his approach to Christianity is undermined by his persistent beliefs in a real place called heaven, a real afterlife, and in a type of astrology called the enneagram.
review 2: For my book group, 'More Rioja, Vicar?' An easy read, and something I completely agree with, so nothing really new for me, except I like his comment on Hallowe'en (can't find the page now!), also 'Neither the Church or the Bible has a monopoly on the Holy Spirit. God didn't start talking to us with the Book of Genesis and
... more stop talking with the book of Revelation. Divine inspiration is everywhere.' less
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I am really enjoying this book - really easy to read and very informative. Difficult to put down.
A refreshing, thinking "outside the box" look at Christianity and what being a "Christian" means.
Amongst the best books I have read in ages! I can really connect with Dave Tomlinson.
A great book for non church going christians. Makes you feel normal!
Lot's to say, but not enough time...watch this space. :)
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