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Oddrey And The New Kid (2013)

by Dave Whamond(Favorite Author)
3.24 of 5 Votes: 3
1926973909 (ISBN13: 9781926973906)
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review 1: I really like the character Oddrey, she's confident and comfortable in her own skin and a great role model for kids. This title was only okay for me though. Oddrey's class gets a new kid and, true to her positive outlook on life, Oddrey seizes the opportunity to make a new friend. The new kid is a bit bossy and tells tall tales about past adventures that sound mostly imagined, though she is a hit with her fellow classmates. A school trip to the zoo presents a real opportunity for adventure, though Oddrey must step in to save the day.This story had a strange flow to it for me. There was a lengthy introduction to Oddrey's character, many scenes in which she is shown being an individual and displaying her lovable positive nature, then the new kid is introduced and a tension e... morenters in that the new girl is bossy with her classmates. The climax of the story, the school trip to the zoo, is mostly wordless and relies on the illustrations to carry the story, but tests Maybelline's character as a hero. The final scene shows Maybelline embellishing the truth with details that paint her in a heroic light even though readers and Oddrey realize that Oddrey was in fact the brave hero of their adventure. For me, the transitions between each of these elements was jagged and not nearly as smooth as I was expecting. I liked that the adventure was mostly wordless as it requires the reader to study the artwork for information about the story and gives them a chance to use their storytelling skills. I look forward to more books starring Oddrey, but this one was just okay for me. PreK-2.
review 2: Generous-natured Oddrey is unique and marches to her own drummer, but she has little trouble making friends. When a new girl named Maybelline enters the class, Oddrey is the first to embrace her and invite her to join the others in their activities. but Maybelline, a gifted storyteller, is bossy and always has to be in charge. Oddrey becomes leery of her exaggerated stories of adventure and wonders how much of them is true. On a trip to the zoo, she finds out. There is much truth and laughter in this book, and I certainly enjoyed reading it. Even the wide-eyed illustrations add to the book's appeal. less
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I like this as well as the first. Good books on teaching kids being themselves and honesty.
Made me think of people like the new kid I know in my own life. Annoying. lol
Canadian author. Entertaining, though not quite as good as just "Oddrey."
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