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Finding Balance (2012)

by David Berger(Favorite Author)
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0615596126 (ISBN13: 9780615596129)
David Berger
Task Force: Gaea
review 1: Could not finish (and that is so rare for me). In fact, I only made it through the first few chapters & then skimmed ahead to see if it got any better since so many of the reviews said it picks up when the book gets to modern day. It's a very tough read. First, it's wordy - very flowery and repetitive - and that holds true throughout the entire book. I also had to look up several words which I'm not accustomed to having to do. I love learning new words when I read but I don't want to break out the dictionary every page. And the word has to feel natural - most of these felt forced. Considering the premise is "modern-day heroes", it takes interminably long for the actual plot to get started. The entire first half of the book needs to be chopped down or somehow woven into the... more actual story. Referring specifically to just the opening chapter, I kept getting confused about Nyx because she's referred to differently every sentence. And I found the way Zeus would repeat everything she wordlessly said irritating. I'd rather read her thoughts in his head than hear him parrot everything back. Also, the point of view is all over the place. First Zeus, then Nxy, then Hermes, etc. I couldn't keep track of anyone. Truthfully, it read like a first draft. I think the idea has a lot of promise but it needs heavy editing first.
review 2: I have always enjoyed authors who have put their own spin on well-known fairy tales and myths. In his Task Force: Gaea, David Berger truly delivers an original view of Greek mythology with a modern twist. Comic book meets Mount Olympus as the present meets the past in this fascinating novel. The mythological aspect came through as well-researched and incredibly realistic, blending believably into a modern-day myth. The characters are dynamic, growing before our eyes and bringing the reader along on their personal and literal journeys. The plot is complex enough to keep me engaged with an interesting twist that really brings things together. If you’re looking for a book that is at times pensive, at times action-packed, and will stay with you even after you have finished, consider reading Task Force: Gaea, Finding Balance. less
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I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.
a fine read...captivating!
Just starting
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