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The Green Mother Goose: Saving The World One Rhyme At A Time (2011)

by David Davis(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 4
1402765258 (ISBN13: 9781402765254)
review 1: David Davis along with Jan Peck (Bankstreet College put her on "Best Children's Books of the Year" list!) wrote this book. One aspect that is really cool and could be talked about with students, is the fact that the illustrations were recycled materials -newspapers and movie stubs etc. This book is a spin on Mother Goose rhymes with environmental messages for kids. Jack and Jill go up on a hill and not only fetch water, they save every drop! Jack Sprat learns how to eat healthier from his wife who teaches him to eat leafy greens. The poems would be great fun for kids while teaching them an important lesson!
review 2: "If All the World Were Stinky" If all the world were stinky, And our water black as ink, If toxic rains filled up our drains, What would w
... moree have to drink? If all the world were stinky, Our skies fouled without care, If there were no trees in the summer breeze, What would we breathe for air?I like this poetry because it help me understand how important it is to keep our environment clean from polution and to recycle so we can keep our trees alive. less
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Contains some pretty some hilarious takes on traditional Mother Goose Rhymes.
What a great new take on ageless nursery rhymes! Well done Jan and David!
Rather Clever!
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