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The Adoration Of Emma Wylde (2000)

by Kimberly Russell(Favorite Author)
4.56 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: From the blurb I would never had read this but the reviews made me change my mind. Glad I did. I really liked this. Emma was a good MC, she was spoilt and rightly so in a way, she didn't know anything else. But I liked the change in her - even if I don't think someone of her stature would be sent someone like that on her own. They fell in love a little too quickly but hey, that's New Adult for you. I am getting used to that now!I would like to hear more and Emma and Tucker, it'll be interesting to see where they go and if she stays "real"
review 2: The Adoration of Emma Wylde might trick you into thinking it's simply a light, fun read, but don't be fooled: this book packs quite a punch! Aside from the part that nearly made me cry, though, this book did have ma
... moreny sweet, funny moments as well. Emma's wonderfully sarcastic, but increasingly vulnerable voice really made the book for me. The settings of celebrity-focused Los Angeles and very-small-town Texas were both very well drawn, and the supporting characters were great. Jenny especially was a real hoot, and had some of the best lines in the book! less
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I loved it! My favorite Kimberly Russell book so far!
Such a cute story! Really enjoyable and quick read.
great read. you grew to love Emma.
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