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Chronology Of An Egg (2012)

by Peter Tieryas(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 3
Signal 8 Press
review 1: Really enjoyed the first story in this collection. I have never read anything that remotely comes close to it's weirdness. Talk about acceptance! The 'feasting' scene actually made me a bit queasy... but in a good way. The middle stories all had interesting premises, but I wanted them to be fleshed out just a little more. Call me greedy I guess. I admit, the last story just confused me. I wasn't sure exactly what happened at the end. Whose fault was it really? Maybe I should just reread that part. All in all, it was a goodread and it certainly peaked my interest in Liu's other work.
review 2: This is a really great teaser for Peter Tieryas Liu's collection, Watering Heaven--especially considering it's free! There are two of my favorites stories from the collect
... moreion: Chronology of an Egg (a beautiful story about language, mythology, and a girl who lays eggs every time she has sex) and Gradients (about a levitating monk, photography, and--yes--the study of feces). Also included are some others that aren't in the collection, which show some of Tieryas skills when he's working closer to flash fiction--a story about bank robbers interested in stealing people's secrets, rather than actually robbing a bank; another dealing with a very strange suicide; and a last story about parents who find out their child might be born with four arms, and decide to love something else. In general, I would recommend going straight to the collection, but this is a fantastic place to start if you're interested in a sample of Tieryas' writing. less
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