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Escape: A New Life (2013)

by David J Antocci(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 4
David J Antocci
review 1: I felt the beginning of the book was overdone with the description, very choppy and senseless. In fact I hated it as it was not reading smoothly, and was going to delete. Then I read all the reviews and decided to pick it up again. Thankfully the reading became less choppy as other characters were introduced to the story. I ended up enjoying the book. To me the book is a cross between Running Man and Lost. Would have rated it a 5 if the writer wasn't so redundant with some of his descriptions, I.e. her eyes opened but she couldn't see, so she felt if her eyes were open...it was so black she couldn't see but after a lightening strike she could all of a sudden see the cliffs, surrounding beach and far into the ocean..blah blah blah. Or she didn't stand until her legs were u... morender her.?? Not to mention how quickly the main characters heal from some serious injuries to their heads, back etc. All that said, looking forward to reading the second book.
review 2: It took me a while to get into this book since it is a little different than my usual type of book. However, I was very curious about how Abby and Eric came to wake up in a strange place and not remember much. After a few chapters, you do find out what is going on and by that time I was both surprised and very into the book. I thought the plot was very clever and found it to be an enjoyable, light summer read. less
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A very good book. It was full of unexpected twists and turns. The he ending left you hanging.
Really enjoyed this one :) The way it left off, I hope there is (or will be) a sequel.
A mash-up of Hunger Games, Survivor, and Sleeping With the Enemy...
Loved this book! Abby is a badass. Can't wait for the sequel :)
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