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City Of Women (2012)

by David R. Gillham(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 5
039915776X (ISBN13: 9780399157769)
Putnam Adult
review 1: The most amazing and attention catching thing about this book for me, is that is was written from the view point of "the other side of the fence". Generally when you read historical fiction placed in the WWII/1940's era, it is set from the viewpoint of a victim who has been uprooted from their home, and the tragedy they endured. What makes this so unique is that it is written from they eyes of a "good" German woman attempting and failing to live up to the expectations set for her by society at that time and her own family and friends. Throughout her journey she becomes a new person, blindfold removed, stronger and a survivor, who learns that there is most certainly a grey area between right and wrong. This is the first book I have read where the leading character is a G... moreerman, and I thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace.It was very sexual but not in an explicit way, rather what I believe is a more realistic way, which was also a lot of fun and very refreshing.
review 2: I didn't like Sigrid. Her character felt too inconsistent from chapter to chapter to allow it. I often find that is the case with the main character, whom the author is trying to understand also. But the other characters are well drawn , if not entirely believable (Egon is charming? He's such a jerk, I didn't feel it about him but chose to believe it bc so many characters believed it). The setting is amazing and the pain and fear and even excitement of the era is rich and 3d. less
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I couldn't finish this book. I found the writing amateurish and the plot predictable.
Excellent! Amazing when characters find their strength
Passionate. Edgy. Loved it.
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