Books I’m currently reading

Since I’ve gotten back into reading, every time I am in the library books jump out at me left, right and centre, and I think I must read this one, too. I can’t really resist them. So I currently have four books lined up. I am in the middle of The First Bad Man by Miranda July. I’ll write a mini-review when I’ve finished it. So far, it’s weird. I am drawn to ‘weird’ books, I’ve noticed.

I have two, big tasks for November, and two for December.
My tasks for November are:

  • Submit BODYBALANCE assessment video (if it ever finishes uploading, this is done)
  • Do tax return (doing it tomorrow I AM DOING IT TOMORROW)

My December tasks are:

  • Buy all Christmas presents
  • Learn new class choreography

And, in between all of that – and work and chores and whatever else I need to do – I will be reading.