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A Highlander Christmas (2009)

by Dawn Halliday(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 5
0451228723 (ISBN13: 9780451228727)
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review 1: It's a little difficult to rate this since it's 3 stories by 3 different authors. On the other hand it's interesting how other readers like this or the other story best. :)My favourite was the third story that I enjoyed the most - loved the characters, it was sweet and fun and made me want to read more.The other two stories were just a little... less to me. I liked the first story, but the paranormal touch seemed a little constructed to me. The story could have done without it as it didn't seem that relevant really.The second story was a great idea, but (yes, I know it's a short story) in the end was too rushed. It left me feeling like... what? What now? That was kind of an abrupt ending and all... If you know what I mean. All in all an enjoyable and *different* winter / Y... moreule / Christmas read. :)
review 2: This book was to be the prequal/intro to the Chronicals of Annwyn. It touches back on the ancestry of the Velvet Haven Charcters. Its 3 short stories in 1 book. Each story is unique and good. However, I found it a bit confusing trying to figure out the ties between the 1st and 3rd stories. The 2nd story is more based on Chronicals of Annwyn - Bran and his curse, his uncles and why he cursed. Over all, it was a good read, but I liked the 2nd story the best and wish there was more to lead up to Velvet Haven and answer more of the hows and why (ie. Suriel and what happened w/whom and some of the others). less
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three short stories -- entertaining and interesting twists
I loved all the story especially from Sophie and Cindy.
LibraryRead only Sophie Renwick's Yuletide Enchantment.
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