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Larkstorm (2012)

by Dawn Rae Miller(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 5
FinnStar Publishing
The Sensitives
review 1: I genuinely enjoyed this book. Lark was a very well written character who honestly believes her society is truly doing what's best for the people (if only that was reality). It turns out that everything has been a lie. The boy she was suppose to be bound too, Beck, is slowly dying because Lark's powers are going to eat his away. This book was well written with very relatable characters. Lark is confused and I can totally relate to it. The only thing that was bothersome about ver character was how needy she was. Beck had such an amazing personality and I thoroughly enjoyed him. Of course, there was a cliffhanger, so I will be getting the next book!
review 2: 5 Stars or More! I loved it.On the audiobook performance:The voice actor is my absolute favorite, Erin Ma
... morellon, who also performs the Sweet Evil series by Wendy Higgins.I never want to turn down the volume for hurting my ears because of screechy, obnoxious, over-acting, and I like her "style".Though softly-pitched and soothing, Erin's voice is far from dull. Her interpretation of the characters is always straight on and her narrator/character transition seamless.IMHO, Erin Mallon delivers that "thrill" "Audiblephiles" are constantly searching for: the combination of a well-crafted story & authentic narration that enhances the book, making the listening experience worlds better than merely reading the print version.I love it!Now for the book:Every once in a while it seem to come across a book, not associated with hype, that I instantly go all fangirly-gaga over. This is one of those books.I'm asking myself why reviewers aren't loving this book as much as I am, but maybe I just missed the hype back in 2010-2011. From what I've been learning of the craft of writing fiction, I can see this author's skill in every paragraph; the kind of skill that results in creating a 5 Star novel.Though it's not my favorite book or an especially compelling story, the way the author breathes life into each scene, gives her story atmosphere and "soul", which makes me feel like I'm "right there" with the characters, experiencing everything they are experiencing.The characterization, setting, and plot of this book each contain the well-balanced elements that make any story "gripping" and any novel a "page-turner".Highly recommended! :-)#writerporn #directwritingstyle #perfectlypaced(I know, hashtags don't belong on Goodreads, but I can't stop using them.) less
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It was alright...seemed to drag out & I read pretty fast. Don't know if I will read the next one.
I was absolutely not ready for the book to end. I was sucked in from the beginning.
It was a good book once i got into it. I just had a harder time getting into it.
Arw ich liebe es! Ich hoffe es gibt den zweiten Teil bald auch auf Deutsch.
Best dystopian book ever! Can't wait for the sequel :)
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