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Every Day By The Sun: A Memoir Of The Faulkners Of Mississippi (2011)

by Dean Faulkner Wells(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 2
0307591042 (ISBN13: 9780307591043)
review 1: This book has been like learning about a new friends family over coffee in a Mississippi town square. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The tone and descriptions were familiar to me, having a family rooted in the south and "southern ways" for generations. The question of love and deep respect never entered my mind, each person mentioned in this book was a heartfelt part of her family; "her people". I smiled at some of Faulkner's family tales and felt sincere empathy over others. I remembered many of my own family stories while reading and I have promised myself the next time I am up in Oxford I will run by "the big place" just to take a long look.
review 2: Loved this book, especially since I started reading it in Oxford, MS during Books on the Nightstand's 2012 Bookt
... moreopia, and we'd just toured Faulkner's home. Written by Faulkner's niece, the only living Faulkner (Dean died 3 months after publication), I loved that I recognized much of the Oxford she spoke of. I appreciate the honesty of this book, and am more and more intrigued with William Faulkner. less
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Lost interest. Wasn't a bad book; I just got busy and never finished it.
I found this to be a delightful read. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
I really enjoyed this intimate look at the Faulkner family.
A great glimpse into the Faulkner family.
Great book; reads like a novel.
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