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Odd Thomas: You Are Destined To Be Together Forever (2014)

by Dean Koontz(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: This was my second Dean Koontz book, both short stories. This was the best one.Odd Thomas, and his girlfriends (both seemingly well adept in the "po" section of the dictionary) straddle their lives between that of the paranormal and the normal life of mediocrity. A fry cook by occupation, Thomas can see dead people. A little older, and a lot wittier than his counterpart Haley Joel in the Sixth Sense, his story makes a fun read.Short, quick and entertaining. I'd recommend it even if you've read the full novel (I haven't - yet).
review 2: "true Evil walked the world"This short story has everything that made Odd Thomas one of the most loved fictional heroes from the past decade. One constant throughout the entire series was the fortuneteller's card that promised O
... moredd and Stormy would always be together. Now Koontz gives Odd fans a wonderful story that's exactly as advertised -- the events of that fateful night.Odd and Stormy are driving to the carnival with the lingering spirit of Elvis Presley tagging along in the backseat -- but a second lingering spirit interrupts their plans and sends them on an unexpected and dangerous detour. Odd and Stormy are only teenagers, but his "quirks" and her difficult life have already taught them that "true Evil walked the world" -- which leads them to wonder, can they safely navigate this perilous journey called life together? Koontz masterfully uses this short story to set up the forthcoming SAINT ODD. less
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The beginning, just before the end. And as we know, all good things must end.
I Wish there was more to this short story, To short,lol.
short story about how Odd and Stormy got started.
I will miss this series.
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