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Influential Magic (2013)

by Deanna Chase(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
0983797889 (ISBN13: 9780983797883)
Bayou Moon Press
Crescent City Fae
review 1: Willow Rhoswen, owner of the Fated Cupcake and vampire hunter, has many gifts, including a unique ability to sense a vampire’s presence. She’s also coping with a broken heart from the sudden breakup with her boyfriend. After a trip back home to heal her wounds, she’s returned to New Orleans to resume her life. But Willow is barely off the plane before her roommate Phoebe needs her help. Phoebe, who happens to be a witch, hunts rogue vampires and Willow often assists. But a startling revelation that night forces Willow to realize that resuming a normal life won’t happen right away.Influential Magic is the first in what I think will be a terrific series. Willow’s a likeable character with unique skills. The two men in her life present a conflicted romantic angle. T... morehere’s also the truth about her family, in particular her brother’s murder three years earlier. A lot is going on in the book, and although flashback and backstory provide some insight, I wish there’d been a little more.At times the plot became confusing. All major characters seem to have secrets, personal agendas, and changing ulterior motives that are hard to keep straight. Also, a key player in Willow’s story doesn’t appear until the end of the book, and I would have liked some foreshadowing that she existed rather than just throwing her in near the end. Happily, the confusion is cleared away and the satisfying ending still make Influential Magic an entertaining read.
review 2: I’m getting so tired of YA paranormal romances. It seems I’m reading always the same stuff. Once again, a clueless female lead, with over de board self-righteousness, who thinks that can snap at anyone. But why is she the lead? Because she is special, with a wonderful power. The author tried to make a kiss-ass heroine with an infusion of cute (she bakes…), but failed miserably. She is annoying from the start. Damn brat. And there’s a love triangle… Why do I still bother?There was also a complete lack of world building. You don’t get any information about the rules, the people, the society… You have to start guessing about the characters. It really isn’t a good fantasy book. To me it seemed another YA paranormal romance that is way to easy to read and to forget. less
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Entertaining but I probably won't read the next one.
Excellent reading and very difficult to predict
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