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Imperfect Spiral (2013)

by Debbie Levy(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 1
0802734413 (ISBN13: 9780802734419)
Walker Childrens
review 1: The story can only be described as tragic. A young girl, Danielle, is a babysitter and had lost (not really lost but died) a child because little Humphrey got hit by a car. This story has a sad twist to it because all this "bad" things happen to Danielle; why do people read about sad stories, it really brings me down. This book keeps you flipping the pages because you want to know what happens and lose some confusion. This story gave me a great view in how I should treasure life because we don't know when we will see that bright light. I really enjoy funny, action, and mysterious books but this was ok. I don't recommend to people that don't like sad books.
review 2: I took a break from reading this book, but as soon as I got back to reading it I remembered why
... more I had chosen to read it. This has such a heartfelt story line. The author, Debbie Levy, really has done an excellent job on creating Danielle's (main character) character relatable to the reader. The story is about Danielle's journey on dealing with a tragic accident. She feels she is responsible for it. The guilt is eating her alive. To overcome this and forgive herself she needs to dig down deep and find that courage in herself. Through the help of her friends, brother, therapist and a boy she meets in the park she will hopefully overcome this struggle. There was one line or message in this story that really stuck with me: what's the difference between quality time and quantity time? With quality time you do not know when its going to end. However with quantity time you know when it is going to end. For instance, if you go to the mall with your friends you know will stay for 2 hours and then everyone goes their own way. From this I get that you should always pick quality time because you do not know when those experiences will become memories of the past. less
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This book was so sweet & incredible! I loved it sooo much! Thanks Joelle for the recommendation!
Good young adult book for tweens or young teen girls.
This was an awesome book! I loved it!
I cried :( So Sad
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