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House Of Versace: The Untold Story Of Genius, Murder, And Survival (2010)

by Deborah Ball(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 5
0307406512 (ISBN13: 9780307406514)
Crown Business
review 1: House of Versace is a well written book. A little long for my tastes but very interesting. I think that the author did not have to include the background of every person to cross paths with the Versace's as it made the book long and I found that I tended to skip that information anyways. I liked the information about the daughter Allegra and the information about how they turned the company around after Gianni's death. It was sad to hear how the Versace's treated Gianni's boyfriend after his death. Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to others.
review 2: SUPER - The author, Deborah Ball, did an outstanding job of organizing the story of the expensive fashion industry and the House of Versace. This 2010 book described the "World of Versace" f
... morerom so many perspectives: business, family, art, architecture, addiction, mental health, and culture (Italy, New York City, and Miami)--so much more. I felt like I traveled the world with people I have never experienced. The only thing lacking was more pictures of the family, office locations, Versace fashions etc. -- A search on the internet for these pictures may cure my curiosity. less
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Amazing read, well written beyond what is normal for this type of book...
Gossipy and fascinating... made me glad NOT TO BE rich and famous!
fun. interesting. entertaining. i liked it.
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