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Going Home Again (2013)

by Dennis Bock(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 1
1400044634 (ISBN13: 9781400044634)
review 1: I started out thinking this was a thriller, a interlude filler. But it proved to have more substance in the long run. Not so much a thriller but an introspective look at relationships within family units. The strongest relationships depicted here are those between fathers and their children, how their provision of unconditional love when threatened can provoke unstoppable passions and longings. The sexual pairings necessary for propagation are dealt with summarily, and the true love is with the security and connection within a family, including that of sibling love/rivalry. I liked this book more than other reviewers because this is the way it struck me, not as a slapdash piece of fluff that others discovered.
review 2: Another reviewer's POV here pretty w
... moreell matches mine: "A lot of possibilities in this book to start and the writing is very good, but the threads don't lead anywhere. The protagonist is kind of a schmuck but not a compelling one. The reasons for Charlie's marital malaise let alone its eventual resolution are never satisfactorily explained and this pattern of promise and disappointment occurs throughout the novel making a tough go at times despite the book's brevity." Without much going on beyond extended reminiscing and without a protagonist I felt or cared much about, the novel's end just seemed like the end of a book, and nothing greater. less
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I'm not sure it's Giller winning material, but I enjoyed this book very much.
I really enjoyed this. Quick read. Efficient writing.
My favourite 2013 Giller book so far...
very lyrical...loved his prosr
cloying and tedious.
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