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Um Romântico Incorrigível (2012)

by Devan Sipher(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: It's my first time to read a novel from a male's perspective, and oh- boy i really enjoyed it. This is not the usual chick lit you'd read where a girl go crazy over a man hoping he'd notice her. This is the other way around. Well, there were parts where I think that Gavin's character is more appropriate for a female character (maybe because i'm fond of reading romance where the female is the romantic one), but overall the way how the story ended was really good! It's the typical ending you'd see on romantic/comedy movies. The part where the the man is too afraid to admit he loves a girl only to find out that the girl loves him too! Too cheesy, but who doesn't want those type of endings anyway. I also enjoyed this book because it revived the memories I had experienced whil... moree My husband and I was still planning for our church wedding. The jitters, and the problems depicted on the story (Minus the cold feet because i didn't have that:) ) were all true. Those things were really inevitable on this special occasion.i'm giving this 4 stars because I think there are too many characters on the story, and I had a hard time remembering their names; though most of them are not really main chracters. So for all the males who plan to read this book, better be the BEE! :) before it's too late.
review 2: Can this be chicklit if it's written by a guy about a guy who's romantic yet perpetually single? I say yes. Good story around a guy who thinks he wants marriage but may really be setting himself up so he never gets the girl, all while writing for The Paper's Wedding section. The story isn't that long, I felt like that prevented a more in depth look at some of the emotion. I did like that you weren't sure who Gavin would end up with, if anyone. less
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Though funny in parts, the story was predictable and a bit depressing in general.
Really liked it, but I was disappointed with the somewhat abrupt ending.
Really had a hard time keeping focused on this book.
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