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Siren's Call (2010)

by Devyn Quinn(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 3
0451230930 (ISBN13: 9780451230935)
Dark Tides
review 1: This started off good because you get a feel for the characters right away. Then everything goes slowly south. I think somewhere along the way, the romance is lost. Maybe its b/c Tessa was a hard character to like. She was very cold and standoffish. This book has alot of world building. In fact, the sisters don't really know much about their Mer side and world. The book mostly focused on a lot on the world building. But I'm curious to know what happens next. I just hope the author can do a better job at blending the mythological/paranormal aspect and romance together.
review 2: Siren's Call was quite a bit different than I thought it was going to be. It defiantly through me for a loop. It is about a Mer named Tessa and her decision to help save a human named
... moreKenneth who was in the process of killing himself. Kenneth lives and while he doesn’t remember the details of his rescue he knows that a woman saved him from the water. He decides to make his way back to the island in order to maybe put into place what happened during the rescue. When he arrives he sees that the lighthouse and small house on the island are in a state of almost shambles and they need help. Tessa has two younger sisters who are always trying to convince her to come to the mainland and sell their island. However, Tessa, being the oldest, would like to hold onto the island and her and her sister’s heritage. Her desire to hold onto her heritage is what ultimately leads to the depth of the story. Tessa has an ex fiancé who comes back into her life claiming he knows where her ancestors came from and found some artifacts and would like her to come help find some more. This throws Tessa and Kenneth's relationship for a loop. The trio is able to find the lost city that the Mers come from and they find that the outside Mers in our world are not as revered as the Mers in ours.This is a fun book for a rainy day or beach reading. Highly recommended to all mermaid lovers. There are some interesting ideas on how Mers breathe underwater, mate, live, etc. Mermaid lovers will enjoy the lore! The book could use a little more editing. Not too many problems to be distracting but there were a few that need to be fixed. The relationship aspects of the story were not very believable for me. It didn’t feel like the relationships were real or real developed. Most people wouldn’t act the way these people did with the things they faced. But it is just for fun and light reading.I won this through goodreads first reads a very big thank you to them. And to Devyn Quinn the author who sent out my copy! Thank you! less
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Mediocre book. Started off amusing but I lost interest fast. Do not intend to continue the series.
Ienjoyed the storyline enough to pursue reading more of devyn's books. All in all a good read.
A rather interesting new take on mermaids.
this book was just to boring for me...
its okay ..full review to come later
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