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Beer Run Of The Dead (2012)

by D.F. Noble(Favorite Author)
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0615663583 (ISBN13: 9780615663586)
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Beer Run of the Dead
review 1: This is the ideal companion piece to 2013's hilarious, sharply written motion picture This is the End. Seriously, watch one and then read the other and see if they don't fit together perfectly. Okay, This is the End was all about morality while this one - well, it's not the focus here, anyway. But the rollicking, shock-filled feel is the same. Punctuated with lots of humor, populated with very real characters saying very real things, this doomsday zombie epic features totally contemporary heroes, mostly young and generally with more than a few flaws. Rock is Keith Moon unchained, even more so after the sky falls on his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Steady, his "unspoken life partner", is crude but at least has a considerable amount of actual heart to him. Good thing too... more when poor young Kip, the classic gawky, shy teen with the depressing home life, comes fleeing their way. I don't want to give away much more except to say it's a great and easy read (took me three sittings total) and you'll laugh quite a bit. By the way I'm no zombie fan whatsoever and it made no difference; it's just fun writing. I found myself smiling and/or actually laughing every few pages, such as early on when the whole thing starts (in space) in an obvious tribute to my favorite comedy writers, Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker. I'm a sucker for slapstick, I gotta admit, and the assault on the space lab...well, READ it. Fascinatingly written in real time (except for the kid's occasional journal entries), the unique style keeps you in the action from moment to moment. And there's LOTS of action. But I'm thinking more laughs. This tale needs to get under the noses of the creators of movies like This is the End and Shaun of the Dead. It's absolutely worthy.
review 2: Another zombie invasion but from the mind of D.F. Noble. Zombie infestation attacks the town and brings chaos of course. But when two best drinking buddies team up with a nerd, a pimp and two of his bitches, they find a way to save the world.Bloody guts, action packed!! So get your drink on and kill some zombies with some laughs too with D.F. Nobles Beer Run.if this was meant to be a movie script then my eyeballs are in the front row, one helluva read. less
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It was fun Zombie read! Kinda like a drunk Dawn of the Dead. :)
A zombie movie i enjoyed for 8 hours...
Pimptastic Pimpocalypse!
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