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Forever Altered (2000)

by D.J. Pierson(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: 5 CUTE SUNSHINE STARSI totally loved the book, the way D.J. Pierson has narrated, the characters, the plot, the friendships, the events, the flow, not only the lead characters but also the friends. Never have I liked the supporting characters as much as I liked them here. Its like they are handpicked, and I wish I had them in my life.Though the characters were too good, but yet they can exist! I lovedddddd Rocco Mathews ♥♥♥♥As much as I am fond of Rocco, and liked Alyssa just as much. She is a kind of girl, I can relate to. Her reactions, her behavior, everything was as natural and realistic as it could have been. One disaster magnet I would say ;-)And what do I say about Rocco, that charming bad boy turned good, that guy falling fast and hard in love, that guy who... more is soo welk mannered, that guy I can imagine how it would feel to be called Sunshine by him. He is charming and protective and totally lovable guy. I am smitten by Rocco so bad, I wish I could find one.Leah, Alyssa's best friend, she is a keeper, a totally super awesome caring friend. I would love to have such a roomate and a best friend.Shane, Rocco's best buddy, he is the super awesome friend a guy can have. He has his ways of making Rocco understand. I totally am charmed by him.Mark, Jeff's best friend, though he was just a guesr appearance in the book, he is one good guy.Others were fun too, and I enjoyed reading this book. It was a journey full of emotional roller coaster. I loved the end too, and I soo wanted the book to continue.I cannot contain my love for this book, and I am glad I read it. I am now gonna pounce on other books by D.J. Pierson (if any)♥ Rocco-Alyssa♥
review 2: This was a really cute romance novel. I thought it was well written, and I enjoyed Alyssa and Rocco's characters. They are very likable people, and make a cute couple. After being devastated from finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Alyssa didn't expect to find love so soon. Rocco and Alyssa live in the same dorms and have a cell biology class together as well, so it didn't take Rocco long before he notices Alyssa. They each have a group of friends that fit really well into the story, and I enjoyed reading the camaraderie of their friends. It was written in dual POV and has an epilogue, which I'm a fan of. It ties up the book nicely, and as an extra bonus-no cliffhanger! less
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1.5/5.Someone save me from this drama overload! It was too much for me.
It's cute and cheesy...everything a romantic story should be.
Great Story!!!! Totally Love Rocco and Alyssa!!!!
I liked the book...
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