most worn – november

Acne Studios was a winner for me this month; according to the Stylebook app I wore my black Pistol boots and my gray Raya cardigan 5x each in November.  I’m really happy about that.  I wanted the Raya cardigan for a long time, and it’s turned out to be as versatile and comfortable as I’d hoped.

I should have worn the Acne cardigan yesterday, too!!

As an aside, the old (but still in great shape!) Acne boots I sent off to The Real Real (in order to buy these shorter-heeled Pistols) have finally sold.  They were listed for nearly two months.  I honestly thought they would be snatched up within 24 hours of going live.  I spent SO MUCH time tracking down the Colt boots back when I originally bought them… they were sold out everywhere.  Naturally I assumed there would still be people in line for them, some 6 or 7 years later.  Guess what? Not so much.

I packed up some more shoes to send to TRR earlier this week after starting out the door in a pair of booties I love to look at, but are uncomfortable to wear.  I just couldn’t face the prospect of clenching my toes all day to keep them from slipping, or constantly readjusting the insert that is no longer sticking like it’s supposed to.  There were a few more pairs of shoes in my closet “modified” in order to fit.  Most had inserts, cushions or foot petals to reduce/eliminate slippage.  It’s too much trouble.  I’d never settle for a less-than-perfect fit from a running shoe.  But when I review the data from my pedometer, I log more steps/day ambling around in my street shoes than my sneakers.  Why haven’t I been as particular about everyday flats and heels as I am with running shoes?  It doesn’t make sense to wear uncomfortable shoes, or even shoes that take effort to fit properly.

Upon reflection, in the past I’ve kept too many shoes that I ordered online and weren’t a perfect fit when they arrived.  It feels like too much trouble to initiate a return, so I just figure out a way to make it work.  (This is stupid – really stupid).  The lesson is: for shoes, buying at a bricks and mortar store is probably best.  BUT, if I can’t find what I’m looking for in person, I should approach online transactions with the expectation I will need to return/exchange every order.  I’ll pay closer attention to return policies, and refrain from ordering when the package might arrive while I’m out of town and could potentially run out of time to request a return.

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