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Pied And Prodigious (2013)

by D.M. Andrews(Favorite Author)
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1782992219 (ISBN13: 9781782992219)
review 1: I love Pride and Prejudice, but I have to admit I'd pretty much figured that one parody (Pride & Prejudice & Zombies) was all I could handle. I was wrong. In fact, I wish I'd read this one first and skipped Zombies altogether. Not to drag out the comparison, but Zombies was a one-trick pony, and this hilarious little gem is a riot from start to finish. The author makes unabashed and irreverent fun of one of literature's most beloved classics, but he does it with a wink and a nod that also convey a respect for the source material. He uses play-on words, puns, and a stripping away of all character veneer to get down to the sheer humor in all the book's situations to deliver a laugh a minute without ever devolving into roll-your-eyes silliness. Smart, well-written, and funny.... more I think even Austen would have laughed.
review 2: This book is a little gem! I was privileged to read this pre-publication and I enjoyed it so much! I am a very keen Jane Austen fan and have read Pride and Prejudice at least half a dozen times so I am aware of how closely D M Andrews has followed the orignial. His take on the names gave me many a giggle and I found myself looking forward to how he would deal with Mr Coggins' risible and ego-centric proposal to Lizzy and the appearance at her home of the monstrous Lady Catherine de Bore. I was not let down! There are some laugh aloud moments in this book, particularly when the author, in the midst of following Miss Austen's story very closely, drops in a modern expression.This is very different from D M Andrews' previous book The Serpent in the Glass (The Tale of Thomas Farrell) and demonstrates his versatility as an author. The better you know Pride and Prejudice the more you will appreciate his talent at parody. I enjoyed this book very much. It remained respectful to the original but the resulting humorous version is one I feel sure Jane Austen herself would have laughed at. less
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For some reason, just couldn't get into it, although thought it was a well written spoof
Enjoyable book - has reminded me that I'm due my annual read of the original!
This one is a hoot! Any devoted fan of Jane Austen will laugh out loud.
must must win this.really
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