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El Presidio Rides North (2011)

by Domashita Romero(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 1
Shousetsu Bang*Bang
review 1: That was an awesome little story that I wouldn't mind reading more of. Gaga is sweet, adorable and funny. Mercury is crazy, tender, gentle and hilarious. I really loved the way he tried to give Gaga everything he wanted and everything he had missed (even if Gaga wasn't sure he really wanted all of those experiences). It feels sort of wrong to call a zombie story sweet, but this one definitely was.
review 2: Oke, i have to change my opinion on short stories. It seems that short stories and d*cks have something in common: its not the size that matters but what you do with it. And domashita can work her short story. The world she build is The walking dead meets Shaun of the dead. You got zombies, exploding titties, Mercury and Gaga. What more do you need? This
... more story is funny, Mercury is one sexy papi and Gaga is a cute mijo who stops the flight and learns to fight! less
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Wow!! Short, sweet, and generally hilarious. I think I laughed on every page. Highly recommended!
Very well-writting little post-apoc zombie romance novella! A fun read and free.
Funny, hot, entertaining. Not deep or thought-provoking, but a good read.
A surprisingly sweet story for the setting but it works.
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