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The Lucky Country (1964)

by Donald Horne(Favorite Author)
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0143180029 (ISBN13: 9780143180029)
Penguin Books
review 1: Hmm... Pretty scathing critique of Australia, and though they claim it's a timeless classic I think it's heavy opinions were showing their age a bit (and it is properly old: for instance, PNG was still a colony). The idea of Australia being run by second-rates, hardly any intellectuals, and a pervasive sense of it still being "British" certainly doesn't strike me as true (though I don't know if urban Melbourne gives the most representative view on that). Plus the writing was pretty tricky to wade through (heavy on the academic-speak). Glad I've read it as it was an important commentary on Australia but not sure I liked it.
review 2: This book got a lot right about Australia, sometime surprisingly so for something written a few decades ago now. The sections on o
... moreur cities, immigration, society, our position in relation to Great Britain, America and Asia, religion, and "the Australian dream" were interesting and well written. I got a little lost in the political sections though, too much talk of Menzies, and in the final sections where Horne really tries to nail in his thesis. less
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as a time capsual yes it has some interest but read in todays light it's just 200 pages of whinging
who cares if donald horne meant it ironically, it bloody is a fucken lucky cuntree
Fascinating to read it 50 years later.
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