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The Goldfinch (2013)

by Donna Tartt(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 3
0316055433 (ISBN13: 9780316055437)
Little, Brown and Company
review 1: There were times I was compelled to keep reading this book and other times I felt like I should abandon it. Some descriptive sections were just way too long. I found myself reading ahead and could skip sections without losing any of the narrative. I know in fiction one has to suspend disbelief but every once in a while something just hits you wrong. In this book it is the claim at the end of the book that Theo kept a daily journal. This kid who is essentially a drifter and a drug addict keeps a daily journal? Were we to believe that he toted these journals cross country as a teenager on the Grayhound bus? When he was hallucinating in Amsterdam he was carefully recording the experience? A person so afraid to be caught but he documents all of his criminal activities? N... moreot sure why the author felt compelled to add that tidbit into the book at the last minute.
review 2: W-O-W....let me begin, by saying that I happend to stumble upon this book, while trying to find a good read....it is not the typical book that would draw my attention...I love a good horror story, or thriller....however, something about this book caught my attention, and I decided to read the "sample", and I WAS HOOKED!! Though I wanted to read it all in one setting, I found that it took me a little over a week to finish it, because it is very lenghty...... I dont want to give away anything, becuase it is best to come upon the plot as you read.....I didnt even read the description because I always feel like they give the story away...I would rather be shocked and surprised....... I was about at 75% of this book, and had decided it was going to be my favorite book....until I finished it, and then I changed my mind...though the book was VERY good, I was not happy with the ending, it was not how I wanted it to end :( less
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