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Forty Acres (2014)

by Dwayne Alexander Smith(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 4
1476730539 (ISBN13: 9781476730530)
Atria Books
review 1: This book could have been great. The core idea is controversial and disturbing and given the right plot and writing, it could have been epic. But unfortunately it's average. It also offended me. I've been sickened by a book before, scared and disturbed, but never offended. And this book managed that. The writing is what lets this book down. It's not terrible, but it's similar to the later James Patterson novels in that there is very little character development and the dialogue is clunky. If Stephen king had written this book it would've been five stars. As it is, the writing and simplistic plot can't drag this past a three star rating.
review 2: Excellent debut novel. The premise was unique and unsettling..fiction that makes you think a bit. (It would be fiv
... moree stars but the hero's wife was a bit annoying in her fear of white water rafting. Her fear turned out to be well placed, but she still bugged me.) I also liked how seeds were placed for a possible sequel..I hope the author continues with this set of characters. I enjoyed it immensely. less
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Really interesting premise but it was incredibly predictable. I am disappointed.
Page turner. Makes you wonder if it could really happen.
Brilliant debut! Looking forward to his next effort.
Riveting to the end!
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