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Dear Cary: My Life With Cary Grant (2011)

by Dyan Cannon(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 5
006196140X (ISBN13: 9780061961403)
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review 1: When she married Cary Grant, Dyan Cannon broke my heart. Never mind that my crush on her was obviously unrequited. One unanswerable question bedeviled my mind for days. Why? Yes, he was Cary Grant. And, no, no one else presented so much smooth charm. But still, the age difference... And he had to have faults, evil traits even, hidden behind that damned charm... If that’s really what she wanted to do... Eventually, of course, it all wore away. Imagine then, stumbling over her memoir of the whole thing. Aha, the chance to find out what was wrong with him. Former wives invariably make that pretty clear. And she does. “Control freak” is the current phrase for it. But she tells the story so personally, and surprisingly well, that she leaves you acutely feelin... moreg the tragedy of it.
review 2: Dyan Cannon shares her glorious romance with Cary Grant, and also a lot about her past that shaped who she was. And then she shares with us the process of their romance losing traction as they converted it into a more serious relationship, then marriage. They weren't successful and made each other unhappy -- he, trying to micromanage her actions and choices into his perfect partner, and she, trying to anticipate and please him. Dyan was too young and insecure to have a solid core to stand up to him, and he had lived with his childhood trauma too long to trust that someone he loved so deeply would stay. Everything they did was wrong, and the age gap that made no difference in their romance was truly a problem in their marriage, setting them up for roles that it's possible neither wanted to play. The book was sadly engaging, a quick read, and made me think a lot. Nicely done, Dyan. I'm glad you learned a better way to live and love. less
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Goes to show that a person's public persona is not necessarily the one that the spouse ends up with.
Made me kind of sad but if you like Cary Grant its a good read.
Very uplifting story about a great in hollywood
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Interesting and sad.
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