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Runes (2013)

by Ednah Walters(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 6
Firetrail Publishing
review 1: Runes (Runes series Book 1) Ednah WaltersThis was a good story. A little different but really didn’t hold my interest. It’s a fantasy book much like Twilight but set in a different realm. Ancient Norse mythology, (which I never heard of before). The fantasy aspects of Norse mythology and what each roll played were hard to follow. Her father is missing, her mother is acting strange and she is starting to realize she is in love with Eirick They have been best friends, have sleepovers (she thinks her mother doesn’t know) but all innocent. She thinks she is in love with Eirick until a new boy moves in Torin. But he lives alone and seems to have dark secrets. But he is not the only one on the block that does. If you like mythology I would recommend reading this. It is c... morelean reading and that is a plus.
review 2: Well wasn't this just a nice little surprise. I really wanted to dislike this book, given the over-saturated paranormal YA fantasy market, but I simply couldn't. The beginning was slightly clumsy, but very quickly the kinks were ironed out and I was drawn into the story. I highly recommend Ms. Walters for fans of Julie Kagawa, PC and Kristin Cast, and the tv series Lost Girl. You'll enjoy the plot driven fantasy and cliff hanger ending. less
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I am completely pissed at the ending! I cant even write a review i am that pissed!
awsome so far it sounds like it will have a rate all of luck to Ednah Walters
This was a really fun read.
absolutely love!!
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