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The Color Of Christ: The Son Of God And The Saga Of Race In America (2012)

by Edward J. Blum(Favorite Author)
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0807835722 (ISBN13: 9780807835722)
University of North Carolina Press
review 1: The Color of Christ is wonderful in the 19th and 20th centuries when it discusses the creation of the white Christ among Mormons and southern Christians. It is a vision that is carried throughout American Christianity into the 20th century from dubious sources in antiquity (that were known to be dubious well before the 19th century) and distinct racial attitudes. In the colonial period American Protestants viewed Christ as bright light or visually not at all (though coverage of the Puritians was ham-handed here). The book is also excellent when discussing Native and African American responses to Christ and especially to the white Christ. Only later in the 20th century are Asian, Hispanic, and women's distinctive voices added to the mix, all making claims of the Savior. A... more good survey - listened to it which was a shame, missing the illustrations and the narrator was poor (mispronouncing names like Whitefield and DuBois, using poor accents for blacks and southerners, and with inflection that often seemed condescending or scolding).
review 2: A very disappointing book--its arguments are mostly unsubstantiated assertions and it is repetitive and packed with extraneous material. IT seems to be yet another case of an article or two stretched into a book. The authors' analysis of the flopped 2006 Black Jesus film "The Color of the Cross"--The blackness (race/color) of Jesus was verbalized and visualized so often that they became irritating. Time and again, race explained complicated dilemmas., (etc.etc.)--is a very accurate description of this book. If you actually want to learn something read Stephen Prothero, "American Jesus" or Robin Fox "Jesus in America." Other than some useful information about Native American religion and Jesus, and 'Liberation Theology" of the 1970s, this turkey is a waste of time. The (white) authors even patronize Dr. King! less
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An interesting account of race in Christian America.
Parts were quite interesting, others not so much.
Interesting read
A must read
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