Superbia: Early Concepts

When a new design needs to be created, this demonstrates the process. Out of a page full of sketches, the best for the job is selected. I wanted to take Superbia’s dragons in an unusual direction, and drew inspiration from salamanders, axolotl, and other amphibians. A full cast for Superbia, focusing on scale and general form for each character.

In the life of any creative, some ideas come and go on a weekly basis and some are determined to stay for the long term. For me, a fictional setting called Superbia is one of those ideas. While I’m still determining how best to bring this story to life, here are some of the basics:

In the atompunk supercountry of Superbia, humanity has achieved atomic success alongside the various other species who inspired the world’s mythology. A sphinx is on the presidential council. Ice giants stand in front of you in line at the supermarket. However, all is not well with this brightly-colored world of the future, as Secondary Species struggle for privileges humans can take for granted, while a police force of automatic knights are becoming increasingly harsh on the populace.

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