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Jewish Pirates Of The Caribbean: How A Generation Of Swashbuckling Jews Carved Out An Empire In The New World In Their Quest For Treasure, Religious Freedom--and Revenge (2008)

by Edward Kritzler(Favorite Author)
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0385513984 (ISBN13: 9780385513982)
review 1: I enjoyed this tale very much. Is it true to what happened, as people experienced it then? I don't know. The author finds a converso, a new Christian, under every rock and behind every tree in the New World and develops links where there might not have been or certainly noy as strong and articulated as he assumes. Nevertheless, it was fun to discover how the name bucaneer came about and how Jamaica evolved as an inquistion free island because it was nominally run by the descendents of Columbus and not the Spanish crown. Lots of good dish.
review 2: Nice book on Sefardi Jews, refugees from the inquisition, who became semi-merchants semi-privateers in the New World and whose support for the protestant countries, which did not persecute them as Jews, assisted t
... morehese countries in conquest of large parts of the Americas. Perhaps a little too valorizing, I felt. Basically the story is rather sad. The persecuted of Europe assist in consolidating its power over other persecuted - the Indians and the Africans. The usual story - after all many British soldiers in India were Irish and Scots and many Indian soldiers fought to consolidate the British empire in its other colonies. Etc. less
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An entertaining read, but some of the details don't check out.
Interesting history of experiences I had not known about.
wonderful. very educational and intriguing.
still reading this - it's fascinating!
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