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Jewish Pirates Of The Caribbean Jewish Pirates Of The Caribbean Jewish Pirates Of The Caribbean (2008)

by Edward Kritzler(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 5
0385528361 (ISBN13: 9780385528368)
Anchor Books
review 1: There were several times while I was reading this that I couldn't help but think, "That doesn't do anything for your narrative. Why am I reading this?" A lot of things seem to be thrown in as an after-thought, in which I was reminded of Monty Python's adage, "And now for something completely different."The information was good, and interesting when I could follow it. But there were times I got bogged down in minutiae.
review 2: The title was slightly misleading. Although the major players in the books may be pirates, it didn't focus much on piracy. Despite that, I enjoyed the book, which told about what went on behind the scenes in the era just after the new world was discovered. The story of the characters in the books has largely been left untold. Several adv
... moreenturous Jews did their best to achieve basic human rights for their people, who had been persecuted in most of the places they settled.I loved reading about the pirate Rabbi Samuel Palache, his 'heir' Moses Cohen Henriques, the 'Hunters of Hispaniola' and about how the rulers of different nations used and abused Jews as they saw fit. Even though there isn't much about piracy per se, this is a must read for anyone interested in that topic. less
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Far less about pirates and more about the history of Jews in the Carribean.
This is non-fiction. It's much less a story than I would like.
The history was interesting but very poorly written.
Interesting stuff, although not riveting reading.
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