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Lettere A Un Giovane Scienziato (2013)

by Edward O. Wilson(Favorite Author)
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Raffaello Cortina editore
review 1: The thing I enjoyed the most was to read his careers' stories and advices. That's something I was definitly looking for and have enjoyed reading. Most stories and advices have a strong message and seek to persuade or motivate you into a scientific career. If you're a passionate naturalist and specially if you're into ants, bugs, beetles you'll find most stories to be fascinating [Maybe I would enjoy less the book if I wasn't so into evolutionary biology]. Nevertheless, I had an hard time agreeing with some of Edward's ideas and I do not agree with some of his assumptions. I do not think we should 'find an area which is unoccupied in science', rather I believe we should go for what we enjoy the most. Also, I was quite "impressed" when he states that he hired a plage-contro... morel company to swipe off a few whole islands to test a theory on island biogeography and then he speaks about ethics.It's a book which is easy read, given the facts, I liked the book and I recommend it, but not highly. (less)
review 2: I thought that this book was really good. It doesn't have any characters or a plot, it is more of a letter. It gives you the basic knowledge that you need to enter college with a major in science, particularly in the branch of biology. It tells the most significant laws of all of the largest branches of science. It is written by a Harvard professor and he tells about his childhood, how he got interested in science, and why. It helps you decide which field of science would fit you best and how to get started on studying that particular field of study. It explains that when people say science is the hardest subject, that it actually one of the easier fields of study. He spends a lot of time explaining that you need to be creative and have an imagination. I thought that the book was really good because it will help me in science class in the future. The only downfall was that it is a REALLY hard book to read. You have to have background knowledge on the book, or be willing to look up a lot of stuff you don't know. less
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Good advice (letters), but most of the examples are related to Biology!
A passionate and hardworking and successful scientist!
Loved this .... made ants interesting :P Well written.
Maybe if I was a young scientist...
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