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Genie Wishes (2013)

by Elisabeth Dahl(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 5
1419705261 (ISBN13: 9781419705267)
Harry N. Abrams
review 1: Things are changing for Genie as she begins fifth grade. Her best friend is becoming closer to the new girl at school and leaving Genie behind. Genie wants to stay friends with Sarah, but isn't sure that she is ready to grow up as quickly as Sarah seems to be. When Genie is elected class blogger, it gives her a chance to really look more closely at her classmates and see what they are going through and who they really are. An excellent book for students facing the changes that come with growing up. Recommended for grades 4-6.
review 2: This books follows Genie through all the upheavals of her fifth grade year – her best friend has started being better friends with a boy-obsessed, makeup wearing girl from camp, things with the boys have gotten weird (the boys
... more have started snapping bra straps and they start their “human growth and development classes”), she starts getting teased for being smart and has to handle the pressure of being 5th grade class blogger. What I appreciated about this book was how realistically it captures this weird age to be – the girls still want to do kid stuff like go trick or treating, but they also shave their legs and have crushes and stuff, which I remember exactly – and also how positive it is in its treatment of these changes overall. Solid realistic fiction for girls at this age! less
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Well, this was completely precious.
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