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Wherever Grace Is Needed (2011)

by Elizabeth Bass(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 3
0758235127 (ISBN13: 9780758235121)
Kensington Publishing Corporation
review 1: Not a bad book, necessarily, just not a good book. A two star rating feels more realistic but if the description of two stars is "it was ok" then...I'm afraid not. I'm not a crazy book critic or anything but in general, I got almost halfway through this book and just didn't feel any compulsion to continue reading. I wasn't connected to any of the characters, and I didn't really care what happened in the story. The writing, and storyline, felt a little immature. If you were in the airport bookstore and you got this to get you through a flight it would do the job. But you might not continue to read it once you got to your destination. A filler book. Not memorable.
review 2: If you like to worry over characters in books, this one hits the spot. thirty-year-old rec
... moreord store owner Grace Oliver leaves her life in Portland, OR behind to go home to the Austin area when her father has an accident. Then it becomes clear her father is suffering from Alzheimers, and her visit turns into a true relocation. Add in the neighbors next door, widower Ray and his three kids, all grieving for the recent loss of their mother and sibling, and Grace has plenty of people to fuss over. She is a born nurturer, whether she knows it or not, and I much enjoyed following behind her hoping everyone's lives improved. I like all kinds of fiction, but this kind of domestic drama is my bread-and-butter reading. Or to chose a different metaphor, my worry bead reading! Funny how fictional peoples' problems distract us from our own and give such solace...... less
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I could not get through this book...I had to put it down after 4 chapters
Interesting character dynamics.
A very pleasant light read.
i like this books..
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