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Nearest Thing To Crazy (2013)

by Elizabeth Forbes(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 3
1908122587 (ISBN13: 9781908122582)
Cutting Edge Press
review 1: I enjoyed this book because I have dealt with a person like Ellie (sociopaths) in my life previously. He was a charming liar and manipulator and once chosen a target would meticulously campaign to turn everyone against them, making his target question themselves and feel isolated and alone. I found this book a little irritating because Cass could of used her intuition a little earlier and put a stop to it very quickly, instead she continued to put herself in vulnerable situations. The best way to deal with a sociopath is avoid, avoid, avoid. Do not engage, walk away! The more you get sucked in the more they learn, the more they use the knowledge against you. I also found her timid acceptance towards her husbands disbelief and betrayal to be incredibly infuriating. If my hu... moresband said ' you probably imagined it' I'd kick him in the b@lls. It was so infuriatingly passive! Overall though I enjoyed the plot. I think in the end she should of left Dan, he had her committed to a mental hospital on account of his other floozy. The guy is evil ... Forget the pathetic pleading he does about how much he loves her. So, overall a great subject, a good book but the lead character needed to have more confidence. I've been in a situation like this with a work colleague .It's exhausting battling against someone with no morals who lies constantly but she just gave up far too easily, she needed to get smart and get smart quick for this novel to really shine and for Ellie and Cass to really clash and become adversaries trying to out smart each other. Cass just let things spiral and didn't quite become the person I wanted her to be. The book was a good eye opener as to how many people will and want to take people at face value, it's easier, it feels safer and means they don't have to do anything or think too much. Subsequently practiced, charming manipulators get away with unpicking their targets bit by bit until there's nothing left. They pick targets who are a threat to them (those of a higher intelligence, competence, integrity and/or moral standing) and take pleasure in bashing them down. All the easily led, insecure people usually end up as their recruits and supporters. They believe the caring, charming facade and sham of a personality. I think this book could have touched more on the sociopathic element and their motives, agendas and what drives them. Overall an interesting read but not quite hitting the mark for me.
review 2: a reasonable psychological thriller. It was interesting how it all played out, and seeing how far the storyline would go, but it didn't hit the mark for me. I read some amazing comments regarding this book on a facebook book group of 5000k plus. comments like jaw dropping and horrifying etc. unfortunately my jaw was firmly shut. I found it predictable which then in turn drops the thrill and suspense level for me. I don't know if it is because I have read so many books in this genre now that I have become accustomed to it all :0/ I just want a book that thrills me to the core and keeps me up late at night because I HAVE to finish it. Havn't come across a book like that in a while. I will continue my search! less
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I loved it! Gripped from the very first page right through to the last one.
Brilliant psychological thriller. Lots of twists. 4.5 stars.
Simple idea well executed - reminded me of early Nicci French
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