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The End Of The Point (2013)

by Elizabeth Graver(Favorite Author)
3.2 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Three and a half stars, actually, for lyrical writing and portrayals of unique varieties of love. The book was in a way too real, in that the characters didn't always finish their thoughts, and that as in a large family, we knew more about some of them at some times in their lives, less in others. I liked the opening story of the Scots nursemaid better than the lengthy saga at the end of the young man who scrambled his brain with LSD. Knowing Padanaram a bit, and knowing these kinds of families a bit, and being a water-baby myself, I found myself longing for the kind of ending that did in the third major character. Her death was better than the frustrating narrative of her life though; at least it was finally clear and decisive. I also liked the way some characters d... moreied offstage, like Mrs. Ramsay, and others got old while we weren't watching.
review 2: Not a bad book, I certainly know a lot of people I could recommend it to. The biggest weakness is a lack of focus, spread over a 60 year span it covers the lives of three different people, mother, son and nanny (and not his and only mildly hers). I suppose the main character maybe is Ashaunt Point, off the MA coast and the times that went by but I wouldn't really say it was that compelling. A look at the vagaries of life? Moments, decisions made, luck of the draw? I don't know. Its fodder for a lot of general conversations on life but not individually fulfilling. less
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Could have done without the backdrop of war but I enjoyed all the rest.
Highly enjoyable summer read
2 1/2 stars
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