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The Execution Of Noa P. Singleton (2013)

by Elizabeth L. Silver(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 5
0804120838 (ISBN13: 9780804120838)
Random House Audio
review 1: I really struggle to understand the stellar reviews on the cover of this book. While the storyline was interesting and kept me engaged, many problems exist in the writing. Elizabeth Silver's apparent love of metaphors made me want to throw the book down countless times. I was reminded of that list circulating the web of actual metaphors used in student writing -- such as "He hit the pavement like a Hefty bag filled with vegetable soup." Yeah. That type of metaphor. I also wonder if anyone bothered to edit this book. I can't even begin to count the problems: poorly constructed sentences, confusing dialogue, and lack of punctuation. Since this is a first book for Silver, I'm hoping she will pay attention to the criticisms as well as the praise.
review 2: I was ca
... morerried along by the plot of this narrative and found myself wanting to know noa's story which she was so reluctant to give. I didn't feel any bond with her though, didn't root for clemency or feel sad when her x day drew ever nearer. There were a few plot devices I was unsure of, the Persephone story seemed somewhat underdeveloped as did noa's mothers role. Readable but didn't set the world alight - 2.5 stars if it were possible less
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I LOVE first novels and this one is no exception. An excellent page turner from beginning to end.
Good story,well written and an enjoyable read.
Good book but difficult to follow in spots.
Riveting and reaming.
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