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Bunny The Brave War Horse: Based On A True Story (2014)

by Elizabeth MacLeod(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 4
1771380241 (ISBN13: 9781771380249)
Kids Can Press
review 1: I am thrilled that more books about the contribution of animals during wartime are being published. It breaks my heart to think about what they had to endure. This picture book tells the true story of Bunny, a horse with exceptionally long ears who accompanied his owners on the battlefield during WWI. Bunny was loyal, had a strong heart, and was the only horse out of the 18 sent from his owner's hometown of Toronto to survive the war. The author's storytelling skills and the illustrations, created in mixed media and then Photoshopped, make the daily grind of war and its many losses very real for young readers. She even includes details about how hungry the soldiers and animals became and the frightening sounds of guns and grenades. This one fits well with Rags: Hero Dog o... moref WWI or even War Horse for an older audience. The back matter offers more information about the use of horses such as Bunny during wartime.
review 2: ***I received a copy of this title from NetGalley in exchange for honest feedback*** This book is about a courageous horse with long ears named Bunny. Bunny is a loyal and loving companion during WWI who shows that animals are capable of extraordinary love. This story is based on real events and is a great books for curious young children. I enjoyed it very much. Bunny is a spectacular friend to have in the good and bad times. less
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Good enough storyline, but I did not like the illustrations
Perfect for Remembrance Day this year.
From Judy:***From Morgen:****
Great book for kids.
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