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For The Love Of Music : The Remarkable Story Of Maria Anna Mozart (2011)

by Elizabeth Rusch(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
1582463263 (ISBN13: 9781582463261)
Tricycle Press (Random House Children's Books)
review 1: A simple story for children about Maria Mozart and her relationship with her brother. The artwork is interesting and lends itself well to the story. The author's notes gives more background and context to Maria's life. I appreciate that the author kept the story focused on Maria's love of music. I do wish, however, that the story included more information about women being allowed a limited role in music and 18th century life.
review 2: Everyone knows who Mozart is, but what everyone doesn't know is that he was inspired and taught by his talented older sister. Written in Sonata form, this book sheds light on Maria Anna Mozart, also a musical prodigy. A dynamic duo, Maria and Mozart played before kings and queens, emperors and empresses; but without knowing
... moreall of the reasons, Mozart was chosen to continue performing while Maria stayed home. After marriage, moving away, dealing with the loss of her beloved Mozart, Maria Anna played on, for the love of music. The story, combined with noteworthy illustrations, is drawn from actual letters written by the Mozart family and is unique in form and format. Music lovers would especially appreciate it. less
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Beautifully told with each section corresponding to a part of a sonata.
A fascinating story about Mozart's very talented sister.
Not in any of the local libraries.
Sweet and touching.
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