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Quickstep To Murder (2011)

by Ella Barrick(Favorite Author)
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0451234545 (ISBN13: 9780451234544)
A Ballroom Dance Mystery
review 1: There’s a whole lot to like in “Quickstep to Murder,” the first in the Ballroom Dance mysteries by Ella Barrick, the pen name of Seattle mystery writer Laura DiSilverio. Building on the popular television reality show Dancing With the Stars, the book is a sneak peek at the backstage world of competitive dance. When dance instructor Stacy Graysin discovers her fiancée and dance partner, Rafe, is cheating on her, she immediately breaks off their engagement. But it’s not so easy to sever ties with Rafe permanently, as they are equal partners in a professional dance studio. Stacy still has to see Rafe at the studio every day, and his idea of adding hip-hop and tap classes to the school’s offerings is a no-go with her. But she doesn’t have enough money to buy out h... moreis share.Unfortunately for Rafe, his dance career—and his life—are cut tragically short, and poor Stacy is the one who finds his body. Because she’s now the only heir to the studio—or is she?—guess who becomes the police’s number one suspect? As if that problem isn’t enough, Stacy also has to find new dance partners for several upcoming competitions, both for herself and for several of the studio’s students. And that’s not as easy as it appears. “Quickstep to Murder” has a great cast of characters, a plot with as much drama as the Argentine tango, and sparkles like the bling on a ballroom dancer’s gown. I don’t know how Len, Carrie Ann, and Bruno would vote on the television show, but I give it a 10!Reviewed by Susan Santangelo, author of “Moving Can Be Murder” for Suspense Magazine
review 2: OK, I have to be really honest with the reader of this review. I read this book for one of my challenges that it fit perfect for. I cringed when I had to select it because I feared that I would want to gouge my eyes out after I read it. I really liked this book though. First off, it read really well. I didn't think it read as a cozy AT ALL, which is what saved it for me. Second, I really liked the main character in the book..there was no sticky sweetness to her character. This is def. a series I would head back to for mystery challenges. less
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I started off thinking I wouldn't really like this book. But I really LIKED this book!! Great read!!
a quick, pleasant read; I wouldn't mind reading another in this series.
Good start to the series.
Fun easy read mystery
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