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Seaweed (2012)

by Elle Strauss(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
ESB Publishing
review 1: So, this is a really cute Mermaid story. While it's similar to several current series out, it does change some things up. For one, the only chance to get legs is during puberty and it is not a common choice among the merfolk. Dori is a normal girl until a mysterious boy shows up and then her life changes forever. Tor and Dori are a great mix and I really liked their relationship. This has lots of action and plenty to keep you wanting to know more.
review 2: Another great read from Elle Straus. I know that when I read her stuff I will be getting something fun and entertaining. I also know that her stuff is definitely something I would let my girls read when they get a little older and are ready for YA. Plus Seaweed is very well written you can trust this author
... moreknows what she is doing. When Elle asked if I would be interested in reading Seaweed I knew I would have to. I love mermaid stories and this one seemed perfect. And it was. It had some really cute characters, an interesting storyline, and the right amount of suspense to leave me wondering. My favorite part was the suspense. There was quite a bit in the story and I found myself pleasantly surprised by how some things revealed themselves. Some of which I never saw coming.One thing that kept me from rating this a 5 star book was probably how unbelievable the relationship between Dori and her parents were. I won’t give away what happens, but if I were to have done half of the things she did…well I probably would not be alive right now. I don’t know that’s just me. Maybe other parents were a little more lenient with their kids. I felt she should have been held a little more responsible after all that she did.Anywhoo, loved Seaweed! Thought it was beyond cute and I suggest anyone looking for a clean YA read about merpeople to pick it up today. less
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Great concept but the pacing was entirely too fast and the characters a bit lackluster.
reads like a twilight fanfiction...if vampires were mermaid..
Cute YA book. Good clean romance and decent plot.
Another pleasant read from Elle Strauss!
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